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Statement on Free Speech and Expression

Free Speech and Expressive Activities in Outdoor Areas of Campus

The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service recognizes the important role of intellectual freedom and free expression and it seeks to further the advancement of knowledge by means of research and discovery, teaching and vigorous discussion ideas. In that regard, the Clinton School Speaker Series encourages and provides viewpoint diversity. Members of the campus community are free to discuss matters of public concern to the extent consistent with the First Amendment and the reasonable, content-neutral restrictions sets forth in University policies.

The Clinton School recognizes that individuals or groups may be opposed to certain expressive activities or speakers. Disagreement with different opinions is acceptable; however, the use of violence (including threats of violence and unlawful harassment), violations of laws, and violations of University policy are not consistent with creating an environment in which ideas can be discussed openly. An individual or group wishing to protest an expressive activity is subject to the same standards as presenters. Individuals who choose to listen bear the responsibility of recognizing the right of free speech. Protests and demonstrations that materially and substantially infringe upon the rights of others to engage in or listen to expressive activity are not permitted.

The Clinton School campus community means an enrolled student, an administrator, faculty member, staff member, student organization with a faculty adviser or an invited guest of any of the foregoing persons or groups.

The Clinton School campus at 1200 President Clinton Avenue is located in the Clinton Presidential Park and outdoor areas are governed by the City of Little Rock in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton School campuses at 407 President Clinton Avenue and 100 River Market Avenue are part of the Central Arkansas Library System and outdoor areas are governed by the Central Arkansas Library System and the City of Little Rock.