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Career Services

Career Services at the Clinton School

The Clinton School is committed to the identification of core values and personal assets, the development of professional skills and the attainment of career-oriented field experience for students in preparation for their becoming leaders in public service. We offer a number of career development opportunities:

Career Development Workshops

From resume building to preparing for an interview, the career development workshops assist students throughout the career development process. Workshops include sessions on networking; composing curricula vitae, resumes and cover letters; job search tools and methods; and interviewing tips.

Public Service Seminar

The public service seminar is designed to allow students to analyze the broad field of public service, discuss and plan public service projects and to focus on career opportunities. In addition, students are afforded the opportunity to engage national and international public service leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the organizations they lead, the innovations they foster and the evolving landscape of public service challenges today. In addition, this course will help students build individually tailored networks with domestic and international governmental agencies, NGOs, foundations and community leaders.

Faculty Advising

Upon entering the Clinton School, each student is assigned a faculty advisor. Advisors assist students in making informed and responsible decisions in five areas: the selection of electives, the selection of an international public service project, the development of a capstone project, the identification of professional development opportunities, and the focusing of possible career directions. In partnering students with an academic advisor, the faculty advising program promotes self-reliance in the development of an individually tailored long-term plan of success while at the Clinton School Service and beyond.

Public Programs

The distinguished lecture series offers Clinton School students the opportunity to engage leaders in public service through a series of guest lectures and town hall meetings. Public programs provide students a unique opportunity to network with nationally and internationally renowned public service practitioners. Student-led conversations with these speakers enhance the learning experience and allow networking opportunities only available through face-to -ace contact. Past speakers include former President William Jefferson Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr., former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Social activist Naomi Tutu, journalist Bob Woodward and a host of others – all described in the Clinton School’s Research Center. For more information visit

Public Service Projects

The Clinton School places a large emphasis on practical service learning. It is what makes the Clinton School unique. We have three public service projects, each designed to engage the student in real-life fieldwork. Through direct work with local and national grassroots and non-profit organizations, international NGOs, foundations and government agencies, students have a hand in designing and shaping their educational experience to prepare for future practice and specialization.